Image drawn for me by Awquarii
Name: Piplup (ポッチャマ)
Category: Penguin Pokémon (ペンギンポケモン)
Type: Water (みず)
Height: 1'4" (0.4m)
Weight: 11.5 lbs. (5.2kg)
Gender: ♂♀
Introduction Generation: IV
Introduction Games: Pokémon Diamond, Pearl & Platinum
First Meeting: Lake Verity (シンジこ)
Region Name: Sinnoh (シンオウ)
Region Number: #007
National Dex: #393
Pokédex Color: Blue


Piplup is the water-type starter of the Sinnoh region. It is a small light blue penguin Pokémon and only shares the penguin category with its evolution (Prinplup) and the Pokémon Eiscue. Piplup is known for being prideful and hates to accept food from people. Piplup falls a lot but gets up everytime and puffs up its chest due to its pride. Piplup is also considered a hard Pokémon to bond with since it doesn't listen to its trainer. It's strong against Rock, Ground and Fire types but weak against Electric and Grass types. Piplup's abilities are Torrent and Defiant. Defiant is its Hidden Ability.

Torrent: Powers up Water-Type moves when the Pokémon's HP is low. (ENG)
げきりゅう:HPが へったとき みずタイプの わざの いりょくが あがる。(JPN)

At level 16 Piplup will attempt to evolve into Prinplup and later at level 36 into Empoleon. You can prevent its evolution by pressing the B button. You can also obtain an Everstone and let Piplup hold it. An Everstone stops it from attempting to evolve every time it levels up.

Piplup's main games are Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum and the remakes Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl. It can also be obtained at the end of Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire from Professor Birch after beating the Elite Four twice.


Shining Pearl (シャイニングパール)
It lives along the shore in northern countries. A skilled swimmer, it dives for over 10 minutes while hunting. (ENG)
きたぐにの かいがんせんで くらす。およぎが とくい。10ぷん いじょう うみに もぐって エサを とる。(JPN)

Brilliant Diamond (ブリリアンだイヤモンド), Y & Alpha Sapphire (アルファサファイア)
Because it is very proud, it hates accepting food from people. Its thick down guards it from cold. (ENG)
プライドが たかく ひとから たべものを もらう ことを きらう。ながい うぶげが さむさを ふせぐ。(JPN)

X & Omega Ruby (オメガルビー)
It doesn't like to be taken care of. It's difficult to bond with since it won't listen to its Trainer. (ENG)
せわを やかれる ことが きらい。トレーナの しじを きかないので なかよく なるのが むずかしい。(JPN)  


Coming soon.

Anime Information

Piplup seems to be a pretty popular choice in the Diamond & Pearl anime. Dawn picked one after having a little adventure with him due to a fight between Piplup and Chimchar over food. Kenny picked one and accused Dawn of picking Piplip because of him. Barry picked one and and so did a character named Tyler.

Piplup is very devoted to Dawn after thier small adventure together. It started because of a fight between Chimchar and Piplup over food in the lab. Dawn was sent to find them and ended up working with an arrogant Piplup. She tried to feed him but he was too proud. In the end she ended up freeing him from the Ariados web and he saved her when they returned. That experience is brought up later as a reason Piplup uses to stay a Piplup (and I'm glad he stayed a Piplup).

Piplup is almost always out of his Poké Ball. As a result, Piplup got to spend a lot of time with Ash's Pikachu and we got to see a lot of his personality. Piplup is highly competitive and prideful. He's also the one to take charge when the Pokémon are separated from their trainers. He's known to be a little jealous when Dawn pays attention to Cyndaquil. Piplup ended up very fond of the group he was travelling with. He was a little upset at the end of the series when they kept bringing up the Kanto region. He ended up throwing a tantrum (and using Whirlpool) because he didn't want his friends to leave. Dawn ended up comforting him. Piplup did get to see Pikachu and his friends again in Black & White and in that he ended up being rivals with Oshawott over a Meloetta. But even that ended with a tearful goodbye.


Fan Art

Why Piplup?

Long before I got into Pokémon, I was into kinetics. My favorite kinetic was hydrokinesis (water manipulation). I'm still interested in anything dealing with the water element. So naturally when I did get into Pokémon I was drawn to the water types. My first favorite water-type Pokémon was Starmie because of Misty's Starmie. I grew to like all of the water-type Pokémon but later became more fond of water-type starters. Piplup became my favorite out of the starters after I watched the Diamond & Pearl episodes with Dawn. Her Piplup is prideful, a little arrogant and terrible with directions. Although Empoleon wasn't great at directions either. But her Piplup doesn't give up regardless of who he's up against. He's an adorable friend to Ash's Pikachu and great at contests.